Conference Theme

Re-Inventing Cardiothoracic Surgery
“In the snow I rise, in the ice I will bathe,
Dusk, dawn, I piece into the darkness,
Blinds drawn, stillness around.
I create a spark, the spark of hope,
Lighting everything there ever was…
I rise, I rise from my death, I reinvent,
I rise from my iced darkness, I discover,
I rise with you, brighter, stronger, purer
I am your fresh air…I am your hope….”

‘Re-Inventing Cardiothoracic Surgery,’ takes us on an exhilarating, yet breath taking voyage that began in the 19th century, when it was the era of black magic and superstitions. It was the time we couldn’t tell miracles apart from the need of science. The science and the medicine that revolutionised the world.

The history of cardiac surgery dates back to 1896 when L. Rehn successfully closed a stab to the heart by means of direct suture. He knew, he made history.

We have a whirlpool of surgeons amongst us, who possess the skill and the passion to work and re write history. Even though we have cobwebs of problems, we have been blessed to get the proper guidance and opportunities at the right time with the right personalities. As a saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility.

So, on Feb 21 to 24 2019, we meet, two centuries down the lane, as proud cardiac surgeons with reverence and respect to our ancestors who have laid down the path for us. It is our turn now, to make history and lay down the path for the future to come.

We are pleased and proud to invite you to attend the combined meeting of the 65th Annual Conference of IACTS and 27th Annual meeting of ASCVTS, 2019.

There has been a colossal development in the field of cardiac surgery for the past few years and some of us have been fortunate enough to witness them, some of us have grown with them, some are here to learn from them and all of us here to contribute for the field.

The future of cardiac surgery is far from fading away. With gatherings like this, we able to reinvent newer modalities and innovations that will bring about further advancement to the quality of surgeries that we have been doing. From open heart surgeries to minimally invasive techniques we have come a long way in the field of cardiac surgery and it would be nothing less than in correct terms to say that “This Is Just The Beginning.’

Though the resources spent on the medical field is quite low in India, we are beating the odds and trying to deliver the best to humanity with whatever resources we have. The desire to learn is so powerful amongst us, that the obstacles are considered as minor hindrances, as we push forward towards reinvention.

We all live life with a blindfold, not knowing what is ahead. Yet we survive, we reinvent life, the world lives on to see another day. Men come and go, yet passion runs high. The drive to invent something new, hangs on. But at the end of the day, every minute is a gift for you to cherish, utilize and show the world what humans are capable of. Be you, be beautiful. Show the world something new. As the Hippocratic Oath states- I will keep pure and holy, both my life and my art.

We warmly welcome you all to the combined meeting of
The 65th Annual Conference of IACTSCON and 27th Annual Meeting of ASCVTS, 2019